The Legal Process of Divorce – What Actually Happens?

The job of a divorce attorney must surely be a very difficult one. Everyday there are cases in the courts all around our nation being handled by a member of this profession. Whether it is a Georgia divorce attorney, Georgia divorce lawyer or any other city in the USA these professionals need to be on their toes and well prepared to do ‘battle’ for their clients. Attorneys are responsible for assisting their client to legally dissolve their marriage and also receive full rights and entitlements. In order to this they must have extensive knowledge of the law according to their particular state and the ability to remain impartial when dealing with both parties. Initially the lawyer will need to explain the laws to their client and outline any rights that they may be entitled to. Attorneys need to develop a good rapport with the client in order to develop a pleasant working relationship. There are many details that need to be established and the divorce attorney will want to know all the information concerning the couple’s assets, children, property, debts and other facts. Documents that are required include bank statements, financial statements, pension plans, taxation returns and any other proof of financial circumstances. The attorney will then be able to give advice about how the possessions may be divided and how the court proceedings will take place. The next stage is the preparation of the documents to be filed formally in court. Then a summons will be served to the ‘defendant’ or other party. If children are involved the attorney will also need to arrange for temporary custody. Quite often when both the husband and wife have hired divorce attorneys the two attorneys negotiate the case and it does not need to go to court. The attorneys can inform their clients about progress and new offers from the other party and a settlement can be reached out of court. The statistics show that a greater percentage of marriages end up in divorce today and this means a greater need for divorce attorneys to assist people involved in a marriage break up. These attorneys work in an emotionally charged arena with the spouses being highly stressed, uncertain and anxious, together with feelings of outrage or revenge. The attorney needs to work out the best solution for the client and overcome all their accompanying issues and emotions that get in the way of reaching a resolution. Because divorce is definitely not an easy process there is a strong demand for the profession of divorce attorney. Some couples will manage to get through the process without too much difficulty but they still have many issues to settle. Some divorces unfortunately mean a great deal of fighting, accusations and children and there are hard fought concerns to be settled with both husband and wife. An experienced professional is there to help couples through all the difficulties of achieving a good outcome from the divorce. Their knowledge and understanding of this highly specialized field is what you are paying for.

Family Legal Decisions: Legal Separation or Divorce?

When their marriage is on the rocks, some couples are reluctant to jump directly into a divorce in the hopes that the problems can be resolved. They search for alternatives that will allow them time apart to review their situation and to have time to determine if a divorce is the only solution to their marital issues. Some couples think that a Riverside county legal separation is this time out of sorts from their marriage and the alternative to divorce that they have been searching for. However, a Riverside county legal separation is not a minor undertaking as some may assume. There is a large amount of decision making that couples must go through and a legal separation can be just as stressful as a divorce. Family law is available to help with this process though and can assist with the decision on which is the best action for the spouses to take. A Riverside county legal separation involves legal action within a court, much the same as a divorce settlement, only, in the end, the couple is still married. When a separation is filed, the court is given the authority to make rulings regarding the marriage. These rulings can include the division of marital assets, assigning custody and stipulating support payments if children are involved, and deciding who will be required to pay what debts. Although a legal separation involves many of the same actions as a Riverside county divorce, the spouses are required to file additional paperwork to turn the legal separation into a Riverside county divorce if the separation does not produce the results they were seeking when entering the situation. Unlike a Riverside county divorce, both spouses have to agree to the Riverside county legal separation. Additionally, unlike a divorce, there is no waiting period to complete a separation. There are several reasons why separations are chosen instead of terminating marriages. Some reasons why spouses choose a separation instead of a divorce include religious views (if divorce is against their religion), and also if a spouse is in need of ongoing medical attention and needs to remain eligible for medical insurance that would be lost in a divorce. In addition, unlike a divorce, after a Riverside county legal separation is completed, a marriage is still in effect, although it is only in name. This means that, although the responsibilities of a marriage are no longer required of the spouses, neither spouse will be able to remarry unless a divorce is completed. Family law can help a great deal in deciding whether to file for a Riverside county legal separation or a divorce. There are many factors to weigh and a legal professional is equipped with the knowledge to effectively address those factors. A legal separation is not just a time out from a marriage and family law can help spouses understand this and take the action that is appropriate for their situation. It is a stressful time when marriages fall apart and spouses have many factors to weigh before they choose the route that is best for them.